1. "I Won't Walk Away" - Jewel - Emerald & Ebony and The Letters [lyrics]
2. "At the Beginning" - Richard Marx & Donna Lewis - The Dream Team [lyrics]
3. "Enchanted" - Stevie Nicks - Slytherin: The Destined and Young Mr. Malfoy [lyrics]
4. "Someone Else's Prayer" - Mary Chapin Carpenter - The Tears of Gryffindor [lyrics]
5. "Twisted" - Stevie Nicks - The Potions Master [lyrics]
6. "Cold" - Matchbox 20 - Severus & the Dark Mark [lyrics]
7. "Just That Good" - The Calling - Dynamics of the Death Eaters [lyrics]
8. "Stigmatized" - The Calling - Secret War and Shoulder to Shoulder [lyrics]
9. "When I'm Gone" - 3 Doors Down - Severus Takes Leave and Good-bye, Minerva [lyrics]
10. "Sympathy" - Goo Goo Dolls - Draco's Theme [lyrics]
11. "One Small Year" - Shawn Colvin - Winds of Change and Lost in Memory [lyrics]
12. "Come September" - Natalie Imbruglia - Cleverist Witch and Hogwarts Home [lyrics]
13. "Taking Over Me" - Evanscence - Dear Diary and Tom & Ginny [lyrics]

"I Won't Walk Away" is for Snape and McGonagall. I listened to it over and over while writing "Emerald & Ebony", and it works very well for that story, the chorus in particular. Wrong or right / Be mine tonight / Harsh world be damned / We'll make a stand / Love can bind / But mine is blind / Others stray but I won't / Walk away / Walk away

"At the Beginning" - This is my trio song. It could either be the first song or the last one; doesn't really matter. I'm not sure whose point of view it would be from, and if it's shipping, which ship- sometimes I think Hermione and Ron, other times I think it's just a friends thing. It's a little pop music-ish for my usual tastes, but I like it anyway. We were strangers / Starting out on a journey / Never dreaming what we'd have to go through / Now here we are / And I'm suddenly standing / At the beginning with you.

"Enchanted" is about the Slytherins, particularly Draco. Some of the lyrics just hit me that way: And my destiny says that I'm destined to fall, also one of the verses, Why the sad face, oh darlin' / Was it my darkness shadow light / I mean to cause no trouble for you / That is the story of my life. Also the fadeout at the end, Well I hope you make it. There may be a songfic in the works here...

"Someone Else's Prayer" is Gryffindor angst, either McGonagall or one of the Marauders. Tonight the brightest moon in a hundred years / Floods the streets of Rome and I am standing here / Wondering where the ghosts of antiquity / Hide on nights like this once a century / Where do shadows fall when there's only light / Why'd you follow me halfway round the world tonight / What I'd give right now not to even care / And then this could be someone else's prayer. Far from home, maybe running, trying to escape the past, but it follows you. Rembering those they've lost, wishing they could let go, and not being able to. I did mention the angst, right?

"Twisted" is another of the Slytherin songs; this one says "Snape" to me. You fall to your knees / You embrace the storm / You no longer care / If it's cold or if it's warm/ You live for the danger / Like your passion and your anger. If I get enough of these songs together they'll need their own soundtrack...

"Cold" is really angry, really angsty Severus/Minerva shipping. Possibly another songfic here- when Snape goes to the Death Eaters and everyone assumes, Snape being Snape, that he's betrayed them. The first verse: I will do without / The spaces inbetween / If you could tell me now / What it means to be / You have been found out / I have been deceived / By the one that I need and also the chorus, Tell me why you gotta be so cold /How'd you get so high / Why you keeping me low / You don't know / You don't know / Tell me how we're gonna make it last / You're ready to fly / I'm ready to crash / Don't go / Don't go / No.

"Just That Good" - Slytherins & Death Eaters, the previous generation and the next. Snape and the Malfoys. It's about the relationships between them, which are a little dysfunctional and pretty complicated, but it's also about frustration- Well I'm trying, I'm trying now to get to you / But you're telling me like you always do, you say / Don't hate me, 'Cause I'm just that good. Sometimes you can't get through. I see the chorus as mostly Draco, but it could also be Lucius or Severus, too. Don't hate me, 'cause I'm just that good / A little misunderstood / You made me, so I'm just that good

"Stigmatized" - Another maybe songfic. Because we are marked by the world, by what we do, sometimes by who our friends are, who we love, and how those around us see those friends, those lovers. If I give up on you, I give up on me / If we fight what's true, will we ever be. This for me is about the fight against Voldemort as much as it's about anything else- there's just that air of desperation and darkness in the song- but also about love and friendship, and standing by the people you love, no matter what. I believe in you / Even if no one understands / I believe in you / And I don't really give a damn /If we're stigmatized / We live our lives on different sides / But we keep together you and I / We live our lives on different sides. This is Severus & Minerva for me, but could be anybody. Insert favorite ship with "stigmatized" potential here, I suppose. :)

"When I'm Gone" - Lady Dien wrote a Severus/Dumbledore songfic with this song, and it works really well for that. But it's also a great Snape song for any particular ship (here's where I wave my Severus/Minerva flag, of course, and since it's my soundtrack, that's what you get), and parts of it could also be Severus telling everybody off before he goes. The first verse, I can see as the maybe telling off part:There's another world inside of me that you may never see / There are secrets in this life that I can't hide / Well somewhere in this darkness there's a light that I can't find / Well maybe it's too far away / Maybe I'm just blind and the chorus is the other: So hold me when I'm here / Right me when I'm wrong / Hold me when I'm scared / And love me when I'm gone / Everything I am and everything in me / Wants to be the one you wanted me to be / I'll never let you down even if I could / I'd give up everything if only for you good.

"Sympathy" - I'm beginning to think I should just give up and call this my Slytherin soundtrack. But anyway... This is my new Draco Malfoy theme song. Stranger than your sympathy / This is my apology. I like all of the lyrics for Draco really, but I think this is my favorite- And I wasn't all the things / I tried to make believe I was / And I wouldn't be the one to kneel / Before the dreams I wanted / And all the talk and all the lies / Were all the empty things disguised as me.

"One Small Year" is a coming-of-age anthem for those in and around Hogwarts in two pivitol eras; the old days before and during Voldemort's rise, and the more current times of Harry Potter and friends. As Hagrid says, "Seven years there and he won't know himself." The first few lines remind me of all the changes that can come in a year: One small year / It's been an eternity / It's taken all of me to get here / Through this one small year. It also seems to me to speak of sadness and pain, and no few regrets; Now through the night I can pretend / That the morning will make me whole again / And every day I can begin / To wait for the night again. And finally there is that bit of melencholy love story- Where out of the blue came you and me / The wizard of Oz had set us free / And you let me float you to your feet / Just like you believed in me. Ship as you will. You know by now what I'll do with it. :)

"Come September" - To someone like Hermione, school is a haven, especally with Voldemort's return. This is another I could turn into a songfic someday. Hermione, the summer after 4th year, when everything has gone wrong and it seems as if it will all right itself, if she can only make it back to Hogwarts. Everything wrong / Gonna be alright / Come September. Then the getting there, and the realization that school is as haunted by memory as anything else; And so it goes / She'll stand alone / And try not to remember / Come September.

"Taking Over Me" is shipping a very dark Tom/Ginny. She has this diary, you see, that used to belong to Tom Riddle who grew up to be Voldemort...