Without Light
Slightly dark slashfic. Jack Bristow contemplates love, betryal, and Arvin Sloane at the end of "Upper Echelon".
"You said you would never hurt her. Only you would believe that killing the man she loved didn't count." PG-13.

Ice and Glass
Jack faces Irina and the truth late one night. Shades of J/I.
"I want to promise her I will be back. But I have learned of the folly of promises...promises I may not be able to keep. I go on, while I can still place one foot before the other." PG.

Sydney seeks her mother's help in rescuing Jack. A "Phase One" what-if.
"Mom and I don't speak, finding we don't need to. It is India all over again, with one crucial part of us missing." PG.

Game Over
Sydney discovers the truth about Francie. Immediatly post-"Phase One."
"She has time to scream, and I realize she's not dead." PG-13.

Two Years
She does not know where she has been or what she has done...
"Twenty four months of my life vanished, blank. Dead noise on a radio." PG.

The Little Deaths
Allison Dorian on death and resurrection.
"They have all killed Allison...for all the good it has done them." PG-13.

The Legend and the Truth
"I used to dream that Laura was the only reality; that Irina did not exist." PG.

The Fires of Prophecy
"This woman will render the greatest power unto utter desolation." PG.

Together, Irina and Jack mourn their daughter.
"We meet in-between, united at last in our grief, in our fury." Jack/Irina; PG-13.

Reflections on a New Year
"It is the first New Year since I have learned my daughter lives, and I have things to do." Jack/Irina; PG-13.

A Mother's Lesson
"More conventional parents might have raised a glass to their daughter's safe return." PG-13.

"What does she indulge herself with, that perhaps she should not?" PG.

Personal History
"Historical figures are really more likely dinner companions than any member of her family." PG.

Just Enough Rope
"She laughs at Lauren Reed, who thinks that she has mastered the game." PG.

The Daydreams
"She dreams the way she has always dreamed, that all of the old lies were true." PG-13.

The Jigsaw Trail
Irina walks the jigsaw trail, searching for clues to Sydney's death. PG-13. "She is in her element."

"All gifts are unusual now, of the greater value for their rarity, and none more so than these faint stirrings, sometimes subtle breezes, more often raging storm winds, these signs which tell her that Jack Bristow still haunts her life, and is haunted by it." PG-13.

Lies, Disguised
"The fact that they are all lying for her makes her smile." PG.

Reflections: The Dark And the Bright
"She knows that this much is real." R.

Reflections: Weapons of Choice
"The red pen moves in her hand, scanning along pages, dipping down now and again to circle a word, a line, a paragraph." PGish.

Reflections: Follow The Leader
Laura might have followed, but Irina will always lead. "She has not followed anyone since her mother's death."

After Two Years
Irina learns Sydney is alive.
"Words on the screen, so simple and yet, for what they symbolized, so much more than that."

Giving Thanks
Irina has things to be thankful for, after all.
"She has been ignoring American holidays for more than thirty years."

The Retribution Game
No one understands retribution and revenge like Irina Derevko.
"She has made an art and a science out of retribution."

On Friendship
"Laura Bristow had friends; Irina Derevko does not."

Becoming Laura
"She left Irina Derevko behind in the Motherland, and that fake but flawless set of travel papers ash in the wind."

The Dark Of The Moon
"Laura was the sun; Irina is the dark of the moon."

Beauty Is A Weapon
To Irina Derevko, beauty is a weapon.
"Subtle and sharp, with an edge so keen that it draws killing blood before the enemy is aware he is dying."

Mine Alone
Irina belongs to herself, alone.
"Can it be said that any of us belong even to ourselves? We belong to our pasts, to things that have gone before. Even to memories we would prefer to forget, we belong."

This Is Love
"Hands in the dark, arms holding her as she weeps, and though her tears could be weapons in his hands, he never uses them, never once calls upon them or turns them upon her; this is love." Jack/Irina.

Notes on the subject, from the operations bible of the Derevko organization.

"Her most treasured possession is not something she can hold in her hands, but one she hopes someday she will hold, somehow."

Another Woman's Life
"After all of those years playing that role, she's learning how much of herself she put into Laura."

"She may cling to emotions of what should have been someone else's life, but Irina Derevko is absolutely unforgiving."

Blood, Enemies
"It is who she trusts, and who she does not, which has brought her here, to this fiction of her demise."

"Over thirty years after she believed she had left the worst of her crimes behind her, Irina Derevko has another sin for which she must atone."

A Mother's Pride
"Her daughter saved the world tonight."

That Was Then, This Is Now
"This is how it happens. This is how her world changes." / "This is where she is now. This is what she does."

"What Irina Derevko knows about being alone is no longer something she speaks of in words."

"Blue is the color of the water on the night Laura dies."

tinker, tailor...